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Authentic Developments is taking the home building experience to the next level. At Authentic, our homes are extremely personal to us. Building a strong relationship with each and every client is key - along with delivering an experience as extraordinary and detailed as the homes we build. Every step of the building process is done with the highest quality of craftsmanship. We treat each home that we build as if it is our own.

Authentic Developments strives for excellence in home building. As a custom builder in Regina, we also serve White City, Pilot Butte, Fort Qu'Appelle and surrounding lake properties. Our services are not limited to one area or style of building, we build customizable homes at multiple price points. We specialize in custom new home construction and offer a variety of options from, residential, acreages, remodels and commercial building.

Our professional team looks forward to working with you, our work truly speaks for itself.  Ultimately, customer satisfaction & quality are number one. At Authentic,  our priority is to provide a custom home that reflects the owner's personality, lifestyle and budget.

Each beautiful space starts from the ground up and we love helping our clients bring their design ideas to life - and within budget.  We are confident that you won't find a better home building experience anywhere else. Great people doing what they love!


That first step to building your dream home starts with having a conversation. Give us a call, and let's start working together. Make your aspirations of owning a beautiful home a reality with us…


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Our crew 🖤’s what we do!

Introducing another crew member…

Meet Brad! 

Brad lives in Emerald Park with his lovely wife Jessica and his three amazing kiddos, Ryden, Jaxon and Keila.…If you are looking for Brad in the summer months. The ball diamond is likely where you will find him, coaching his boys. When the ball diamond is not calling, the Walkers head up to their cabin at Madge Lake to enjoy some peace and quiet (note: they, do not relax…lol… they love adventuring and doing all the activities (pickle ball, water sports, golfing, cross country skiing, etc.). Brad has a business degree from the University of Regina and a computer information systems diploma from SIAST. While in school, he paid for his schooling by delivering pizza for 6 years. Over the years, Brad has had a wide range of careers, from being a financial analyst/accountant to owning his own business of 12 years doing ICF foundations. 

Brad’s broad skill set is a great asset to our crew. Over on the Authentic sites you will find him operating equipment, coordinating trades, completing walk throughs with clients, checking out sites for accuracy, teaching the summer students (my nephew and his boys what it takes to do challenging work) and the list goes on. 

Everyone, say hi to Brad!

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Sometimes we just need to remember all the amazing things we have accomplished… it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come… keep pushing the limits… Cheers to an amazing week. 

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Over the next few weeks, we want to introduce our team to you. We are going to share a little bit about each person and what makes them unique. 

Meet Lance! Lance is one of those folks who is always up for anything. He has two amazing kiddos, Nyla and Ben. He is an avid camper, a dog lover to three happy beasts, and loves reading. 

By trade, Lance is a journeyman bricklayer. His attention to the details when it comes to installing stone is unbelievable, placing each stone like it is a masterpiece. Over the years, Lance has broadened his skill set immensely. He is a guy of many skills and is always up for a challenge. I continue to tell him… “Just add another thing to the resume,” he says, “it’s too long boss, don’t think I can fit another thing on it.” That is his super strength, always up for anything and will do anything (even vacuuming) … and all with a smile on his face! 

Everyone, say hi to Lance!

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So many little details that make the design perfect!! Then the moment you get messages saying “it’s too nice”, you know you did something right. 🤍

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Design is not just how it looks and feels, it’s how it works too. We take all of these factors into consideration when designing your home… #theauthenticcrew #kitchendesign #customhome #whateverittakes #thebestcrew #homebuilder #design #authenticdevelopments #custombuilthomes
A powder room is the perfect place to add that extra layer of detail…

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Swipe through this gorgeous home and let us know what you think…

A little bit about this home… we started this process two years ago. We started with the exterior which we will share with you this summer. Then, started planning this full scale interior renovation…This was a very fun project for me… I presented our clients with every finishing detail they could imagine, selected materials, put together 3D renders so we could visualize the end result and then made decisions based on where we wanted to be budget wise. The sky is literally the limit when building homes and completing renovations and at the end of the day, it is our job to give you every option imaginable and then to help you make the decisions as to what makes sense for your budget and lifestyle. 

Once we nailed down the design, we ordered all the material, scheduled our trades and got to work. Our timeline on this project was about four weeks off our original estimated time. It took us just under 5 months. Things like this can happen. The amount of detail work in this home was unbelievable and that’s where the schedule got a bit behind… it’s hard to truly understand what it takes to bring some of these homes together. Even with the best crew and best intentions. Sometimes you run into roadblocks that set you back…

We learned a lot from this project. There was a lot of persistence, perseverance and patience. 

We want to thank our crew, trade partners and everyone that helped us bring this renovation together for our clients. You all are the real MVP’s and we can’t thank you enough. 

And to our amazing clients - thank you for allowing us to push our design limits. I always have the thought that everything has to be perfect. That said, there is no perfect in life… But there is, progress. If you aren’t making progress, you aren’t getting better.. and I know that every single person that worked on this project pushed beyond their own limits. 

Our crew is beyond proud of how this home turned out and we would love to hear what you all think… 🤍🤍

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